You can navigate to the Groups page by scrolling down to the footer on any page of this website and clicking on the word Groups.



Start a Group


You can start a group for your friends, classmates, colleagues or fellow members of an organisation. This group will then have a profile like any other social media profile. You can post onto the wall of the group for various reasons. 1. You can ask members of the group to support a bill you have written (see Discharge Petitions below.) 2. You can ask members of the group to support legislation that is getting a vote on the house floor. 3. You can ask them to support a candidate found in the Candidates tab.



Act on legislation that is going to get a vote in the House!


On this platform any controversial bill that is going to be scheduled for a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives is posted in our Issues forum several days before it gets a vote. The Issues forum is a page that our entire national community has access to.


When we post these bills we provide useful information such as a link to the text of the bill and the committee meeting date. You can watch the Rules Committee meeting for the bill on the Rules Committee website, where it is saved for you to watch at any time. Go to and scroll down until you see the heading “Videos.” If you watch the meeting you will learn what members and experts think about the bill before it gets a vote.


You can ask your group to support or oppose the bill by posting your opinion on the wall of your group’s profile. After that people across the United States can ask their members of Congress to act based on how many people have supported or opposed the bill in their district, which is data that we provide for you.



Create your own bill and use a Discharge Petition to get the bill scheduled for a vote in the House!

You can use groups to begin a Discharge Petition for a bill. This is very exciting indeed because if your Discharge Petition is popular enough the accompanying bill will end up getting a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives in Congress!

Here are the steps. Firstly you need to create a group for the bill in the groups section of this website. The title of your group must start with the words “DISCHARGE PETITION:” After these words, place the title of your bill in title case letters. As mentioned above, you can navigate to the Groups section of this website by scrolling down to the bottom of any page and clicking on the word "Groups" which can be found in the footer.


Once you have managed to get fifty members to join the group let us know by sending a message to admin on your message page, which you can navigate to by clicking on the word “Messages” in the top right hand corner of any page. Then click on the “Compose Message” button and start typing the word admin into the “Send To” box.


Admin will then post your bill in the Issues tab where our national community can see it and vote on it. This will allow people across the country to ask their congressperson to sign the Discharge Petition so that as a national community we can work towards getting the bill scheduled for a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives. As explained above we tell you how many people from your district have voted for a bill. If 50% of the members of Congress sign the petition, the bill will get a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives!


If you feel strongly that the federal government should be building or rehabilitating a highway, airport, bridge, power station etc., you can start a discharge petition for infrastructure.   The title of your group must start with the words “DISCHARGE PETITION (INFRASTRUCTURE IN [STATE E.G. NY]):”  After these words place the title of the bill in title case letters.


Your District’s Group


When you register you will tell us your district so that you can be given access to pages that are specific to your district. One of these pages will be the group page for your district, which is just like a social media page. Kindly only use the profile to promote initiatives you are executing through the platform.



Manage your District Leaders

You can also use groups in order to manage your District Leaders.  You are only allowed to have nine District Leaders so if your District Leader roster is full you may want to remove a District Leader and switch them for someone new. To do this you must begin a group. The title of the group must start with the words “ADD DISTRICT LEADER (ENTER FULL NAME) AND REMOVE DISTRICT LEADER (ENTER FULL NAME):” In this group’s first post you must explain your reasons for wanting the switch. You need fifty members from your district to join the group for the switch to go into effect. District Leaders must be enabled by admin so once you have support from fifty members make sure you message admin and be sure to include a link to the group.