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Begin a Discharge Petition

If you are a regular member you can use groups to begin a Discharge Petition for a bill. This is very exciting indeed because if your Discharge Petition is popular enough the accompanying bill will end up getting a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives!

In order to get your Discharge Petition passed through to the Issues tab  where our national community will vote on it, you will need to start a group. The title of your group must start with the words “DISCHARGE PETITION:” Don’t forget to use all caps and remember that the rest of your title must not be in all caps. All you need is for 50 members to join the group and it will get posted in the Issues tab. Once the post is in the Issues tab share, share, share to get people across the United States to vote on it. This will give District Leaders everywhere the votes needed to ask their congressperson to sign the Discharge Petition so that as a national community we can work towards getting the associated bill scheduled for a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives.


If you feel strongly that the federal government should be building or rehabilitating a highway, airport, bridge, power station etc., you can start a discharge petition for infrastructure.   The title of your group must start with the words “DISCHARGE PETITION (INFRASTRUCTURE IN [STATE]):”  Again, don’t forget to use all caps and remember that the rest of your title must not be in all caps.  


You need to spell out the main points that you think the bill should contain but keep in mind that eventually you will have to ask a congressperson's staff to write it.  A Discharge Petition needs signatures from fifty percent of congresspersons for the bill to be scheduled for a vote on the house floor.  After that it will only need a fifty percent majority of votes on the house floor to pass.


When 50 registered members have joined your group don't forget to message admin so that your Discharge Petition can be added to the Issues forum.

Manage your District Leaders

You can also use groups in order to manage your District Leaders.  You are only allowed to have nine District Leaders so if your District Leader roster is full you may want to remove a District Leader and exchange them for someone new. To do this you must begin a group. The title of the group must start with the words “REMOVE DISTRICT LEADER (ENTER FULL NAME) AND ADD DISTRICT LEADER (ENTER FULL NAME).” In this group’s first post you must explain your reasons for wanting the switch. You only need twenty-five members from your district to join the group for the switch to go into effect. Don’t forget that District Leaders must be approved by admin so once you have support from 25 members make sure you message admin and be sure to include a link to the group.