The Research was designed after years of painstaking research, which was done by our founder Cecilia Mackie.  Her research is summarised in a book which is also called We Run The House.




We Run The House is a landmark volume in political writing by serial entrepreneur turned political tech founder Cecilia Mackie, who has launched a political technology platform which is effectively designed to counteract the corruptive influence of money in U.S. politics and fix our democracy. That platform can be found at   The book covers years of research into the U.S. political system. In the process important questions were answered such as: How did special interests come to dominate U.S. politics - and what can be done about it? What mechanisms are used to pass laws – and how can we gain more control over those mechanisms? How do we deal with our spiraling national debt? How can we fix our failing infrastructure, education and health care systems?   Drawing information from interviews and quoting from dozens of recent books and research on the subject in a language we can all understand, We Run The House explains what tools a community of voters can use to save the American political system.