We Run The House


We Run The House is probably the most versatile political platform in the United States. For the first time you will have the tools to handpick and nurture your own political candidate. You will also be able to act on legislation that will be voted on in Congress in the week ahead.  You can even suggest your own legislation!  Our network of experts will help you understand different pieces of legislation. As you can see there are lots of things you can do. First of all let us teach you how to do some basic things on the site.

Nominate a Candidate

Every two years a new member of the House of Representatives is elected to represent your district. You may nominate yourself or somebody that you know as a potential candidate using our site. It is highly recommended that you make a video to showcase your chosen candidate. After you’ve done that you simply go to your candidates tab, click on “Nominate a Candidate” and complete the form. Please note that you are only allowed to nominate one person per election cycle.

Vote on Other Candidates

When you click on your Candidates tab you will find people that have been nominated by other residents of your district. Click on candidates’ posts to watch their video and then vote for candidates to represent your district. The winning candidate in your district will get the support of your online community. This may include a location for the campaign's headquarters or volunteers to make calls or knock on doors.

“We Run The House“ urges your chosen candidate to participate in the primary election of the party that usually wins your district’s seat. Voter turnout is so low in primaries that each vote might be worth 15 votes or more!

Learn More About Your District

Click on your “Know Your District” tab to learn lots of important information about your district such as what train stops and high streets fall inside its boundaries and what political party has won your district’s seat in past elections. If your “Know Your District” tab is still unpopulated consider volunteering to become a District Leader in order to complete this important information for your district. You can find out more about what being a District Leader involves by reading our "Guide on Being a District Leader". Use the button at the bottom of this page to go to the guide.

Use the Issues Forum

Vote on Bills, Amendments and Discharge Petitions in the Issues tab.  We tell you how many people from your district have voted for a particular issue in the Issues tab so that district leaders across the country can ask members of Congress to act in a certain way.  If you want to see that data it’s posted in your “Know Your District” tab in a section that is titled “Voting Record" (this feature is still under construction).

Find Events

Create or browse through national events or events that are in your district. When creating an event you must first reveal the location of the event by beginning the Event Name with the following words: "(TOWN), (STATE):" Don’t forget to use all caps and remember that the rest of the Event Name must not be in all caps.

Use Discharge Petitions

Discharge petitions are used in the House of Representatives. They allow coalitions of members of Congress to get a bill onto the house floor for a vote.  Once fifty percent of all members of Congress have signed a discharge petition for a bill, party leadership cannot stop a bill from getting a vote on the house floor. For this reason when our platform’s experts or our regular members feel strongly about an issue we immediately organize a discharge petition for it. Why waste any time? You can learn how to start your own discharge petition by reading our "Guide To Using Groups." Use the button at the bottom of this page to go to the guide.

Manage your District Leaders

District leaders do several things for your district's online community.  They contact your member of congress on behalf of your community regarding bills. They update important information regarding your district in the “Know Your District" tab. They may also organize the political campaign for the winning candidate for your district.


Your district is only allowed to have nine district leaders so you may wish to add a new district leader by replacing an existing district leader. You can do this by using groups. Read our Guide To Using Groups for more detail. Use the button at the bottom of this page to go to the guide.  


We kindly ask that you conduct yourselves with grace and decorum on this platform and that you strive to be open towards other people's views.  We also encourage you to be intellectually insightful and to take a deep perspective on issues.