After years of dedication we are ready to launch We Run The House!  We need the word to get out as quickly as possible so the platform can reach critical mass.  If we get there the site can do what it is built to do, which is to enable individuals to handpick and nurture their own political candidates for the first time ever!

I am Cecilia Mackie and I am the founder of We Run The House.  I have funded the project out of my own pocket up until now, which included paying for the cost of building the site.  The funds raised from your donations will only be used for Facebook advertising.  It's that simple.  It is possible that $15,000 in Facebook advertising will give We Run The House the momentum to go viral.  We will be sending out press releases to major media outlets when milestones are reached.

I spent years researching the inner workings of Congress so that I could build a technology platform that would be effective in giving individuals the tools to work collectively to influence what gets done in Congress.  I wrote a book on the subject which is also called We Run The House and which will hopefully be on shelves soon.  It explains the many phases of research that went into making sure the platform was designed to strike in the most effective way.  This involves making votes matter by directing collective action towards primary elections where voter turn out is so low your vote can be worth 50 or even 500 votes!

I would be eternally grateful if you could donate and help to give this deserving cause the kickstart it needs!