District Leaders on this website are not to be confused with your elected district leaders who represent the Democratic or Republican parties.


If you wish to become a District Leader you must email admin (at) werunthehouse (dot) org.  You must be approved to become a District Leader by admin for a number of reasons.  A District Leader must use their real name and add a bio on their profile.  Also there are only nine District Leaders allowed per district.  Once admin has assigned you as a District Leader you will have access to District Leader events and discussions pages.  You will also be asked for help with the tasks that are laid out below.


What Does Being a District Leader Entail?

Check your "Know Your District" tab to see if it has been fully populated.  You can download the template for this page by clicking here. You may need to contribute towards completing the fields of text for the “Know Your District” tab if this work has not been done already.  Once you have completed all or part of this document please send it to admin who will upload it so it may be seen in the "Know Your District" tab for your district. 

You will speak to your district's member of the House of Representatives (a.k.a your representative) to report how many of their constituents have voted for Bills, Amendments and Discharge Petitions in the Issues tab. This platform will provide you with voting data from your district’s constituents (this feature is still under construction).  You will ask your representative to act in accordance with their constituents' wishes and you will record their response.


If your representative is intransigent you can ask admin to send a message to all the constituents in your district asking them to communicate directly with your representative regarding the matter. Then, after the representative has acted on the Bill you will report the action back to constituents by adding the information to the "Know Your District" page. If your congressperson wishes to see which of their constituents are registered on our platform they must request this information directly from us. This is in accordance with our privacy policy.

Let's move on to actions you will take regarding the winning candidate on the platform. The candidate from your district who wins the most votes on our platform will enter the Primary Election for the party that has won your district's seat in past elections.  The candidate will be allowed to choose their own campaign manager, however if they do not have one they may ask you to help them manage their campaign.  If your candidate wins the Primary Election they will enter the General Election for your district's seat in the House of Representatives.  Your campaign will be fully responsible for following campaign laws and any other relevant laws so raise money and lawyer up!  If you do not feel comfortable managing a political campaign please contact admin so that our organisation can try to source a campaign manager for your district.



Organisational Structure


Your district is only allowed to have nine District Leaders. As District Leaders you will manage yourselves like a committee. You will elect a chairperson and you will vote on items on your agenda.


Use the District Leader Forum


As a District Leader you have access to a special forum, which is built exclusively for District Leaders around the country. Here you can discuss winning campaign ideas, strategies and any other relevant items.


Find District Leader Events


You can browse and create events exclusively targeted at District Leaders in your District Leader events tab. When creating an event you must first reveal the location of the event by beginning the "Event Name" with the following words: "(STATE), (TOWN):"  Don’t forget to use all caps and remember that the rest of the "Event Name" must not be in all caps.