We Run The House - Terms of Service

WeRunTheHouse (”WeRunTheHouse,” "We," "Us" or “Our”) is a Site that enables group action for the purpose of nominating and selecting political candidates.  Our site serves a dual purpose.  Our expert community debates legislation that is going to get a vote on the house floor in the week ahead and our members have the tools to then lobby their representatives. Our (“Our”) website (the "Site"). Our (“Our”) website (the "Site") may also feature other content and functionality operated by Us from time to time.


These Terms of Service (the "Agreement") outline the terms under which you may use the Site. This Agreement is to be read in conjunction with the guides (the “Guides”) written for the site found here: https//:werunthehouse.org/pages/guides which apply to all content posted on the Site, and our privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”), located here: http://WeRunTheHouse.org/pages/privacy-policy. Together these provide for you the terms and conditions for users of the Site.


If you wish to visit the Site or become a Member, which allows you to nominate, comment and vote on candidates, vote and comment on issues, interact with other Members, and make use of these and other Services offered by the Site (the "Services"), read this Agreement, the Privacy Policy and the guides carefully. You must accept the terms within this Agreement in order to become a Member or use the site. Feel free to contact Us with questions at admin (at) werunthehouse.org.


Whether or not you register as a member, by using and/or visiting Our Site, you: agree to the terms of this Agreement; agree to our Privacy Policy, which is located at http://WeRunTheHouse.org/pages/privacy-policy; agree to follow the instructions given in our Guides located at https//:werunthehouse.org/pages/guides and agree to be bound by any legal notices posted on the Site at times. These are legally binding terms, which set out your rights, obligations, and restrictions as to the use of Our Site. To participate in certain Services, you may be required to download content or software, and/or required to agree to additional terms and conditions. Unless specified in those additional terms and conditions referring to the specific Services in which you choose to participate, those additional terms are hereby incorporated into this Agreement. If you do not agree to this Agreement (which comprises these Terms of Service, Our Privacy Policy, our Guides and any auxiliary terms and conditions) please refrain from using the Site.


Membership and Registration:


You can access some parts of the Site without having to register and become a member (“Member”), but you must become a Member to vote and comment on candidates and issues on the site. Check our Privacy Policy to see how any personal information that is collected during the sign-up process will be used.


You will be asked to choose a user name and password when you register and you are responsible for maintaining the security of your password.


You are not permitted to use another Member's account or password, or to share your password with any third party. If you suspect there has been any unauthorized use of your Membership or access to your password please contact us immediately. Do not respond to a request for your password unless you are on The Site. Your disclosure of your password to any other person is entirely at your own risk. You may be liable for our losses or the losses of others as a result of such unauthorized use of your account.


When using the Site, you claim and guarantee that all Registration details you submit are accurate, up to date, and whole; you will update and revise any Registration Information promptly; and your use of the Site does not violate any applicable law or regulation.


WeRunTheHouse does not monitor the information you provide on the Site generally, but if WeRunTheHouse becomes aware of information that may not be accurate, We may, in our sole discretion, investigate, either through you or through third parties, the validity of your Registration Information. We may require that you send us a proof of address in the form of a utility bill or a bank statement to verify that you are a resident in your chosen congressional district. WeRunTheHouse may take legal action against or suspend or cancel the account of anyone who misrepresents their personal details, professional background and publications or identity; or WeRunTheHouse may suspend or cancel any Member’s access it believes to be inaccurate. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you acknowledge that WeRunTheHouse is not responsible for the accuracy of any information submitted by any User of the Site, or any member’s identity information.


You may register on the Site and use Our Services if you are over 13 years old. When you register as a Member and use Our Services, you confirm that you are 13 years of age or older. If you are 13 years old or older, you confirm that that you have full competence to enter into the terms, and conditions, representations and guarantees set forth in this Agreement, and to abide by and comply with this Agreement. If you are between the ages of 13 and 17, you confirm that your parent or guardian has reviewed and accepts the terms and conditions herein. Please do not use Our Site if you are under 13 years of age.


No Fundraising:


The Site also may not be used in connection with raising funds or soliciting contributions for any candidate, committee or entity. Such activity is in direct violation of these Terms. WeRunTheHouse may grant an exemption to the prohibition on fundraising at our sole discretion.




You should not, directly or indirectly, copy, reproduce, disseminate decompile, or reverse-engineer the Website, including without limitation, the Website’s contents, layouts, proprietary methods of classification, methodologies, indexes, databases, designs, source codes and algorithms.


Commercial Use:


The Site is only for the personal use of Members for the purposes set out in this Agreement and may not be used for any purpose whatsoever other than in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. This Site may not be used for any commercial or for-profit reason or purpose, which would be a violation of these terms. You are asked to refrain from inappropriate, illegal, or otherwise wrongful use of the Site. This includes sending unsolicited emails to members after collecting User Names and/or email addresses. This may result in the termination of your Membership. Any such forms of solicitation or commercial advertisements could be removed from the Site without notice and Membership may be rescinded as a result. We reserve the right to take legal action against individuals for illegal or unauthorized use of the Site.



Member Content (“Member Content”):


  1. Disallowed Member Content and Utilization:


WeRunTheHouse shall have the right to remove any Member Content that in its sole discretion, it deems inappropriate and/or in violation of the terms or spirit of these terms. The following is a partial list of the kind of Member Content that is illegal or prohibited under these Terms of Service. You may not take any action, transmit or create any Member Content that within WeRunTheHouse’s sole discretion: encroaches upon or violates any third-party rights, including the intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights of others, including posting links or content of unauthorized copies of a third party's copyrighted work (please see our Digital Millennium Copyright Act compliance information if you believe your copyrights have been violated); encourages or incites illegal or unlawful activity in any country; is defamatory or slanderous in nature; Incites hate or violence against any person, entity or group; engages in or promotes harassment against any person, collective or entity; is racist, or engages in otherwise unacceptable behavior; is lewd, vulgar, obscene and/or otherwise objectionable; solicits donations or funds of any kind for any candidate, collective, committee or entity of any kind; discloses private or confidential or trade secret information belonging to third-parties; infringes upon any duties or any laws under contractual or fiduciary relationships; is inconsistent with the goals, objectives, philosophies, and/or purpose of WeRunTheHouse or is for commercial use. Any activity that is in violation of these terms or our rules regarding Member Content may be taken down immediately and may subject you to rescission or suspension of your Membership. Your access to Member Content on the Site, must be in accordance with permissions granted by this agreement. You agree to refrain from copying, disseminating or utilizing any of the content other than as expressly permitted in this agreement, including disseminating, utilizing or copying for any commercial purposes of third-party Member Content found on the Site. In addition you will hold harmless WeRunTheHouse for any third-party utilization, copying, or dissemination of the Content you upload. You agree not to interfere with security-related features of the Site that stops or hinders use or copying of any content.


  1. Appropriate Content:


This Site is designed solely to enable constituents to act collectively to elect candidates of their own choice and to impact legislation. Text, comments and pictures added to the Site (“Member Content”) must be consistent with the intentions of the Site. WeRunTheHouse reserves the right to remove such Member Content in the event it is inconsistent with the design of the Site or violates these Terms of Service. WeRunTheHouse may, in its sole discretion select Member Content and post that Member Content in different places in the Site or include it in email communications. WeRunTheHouse may also contact you directly regarding your activities on the site.


  1. Member Intellectual Property Rights:


All copyright and other rights in and to the computer, internet and database programs and applications, internet content files, and all text, visual, audio, and audiovisual works incorporated into and utilized on the Site are and will remain the sole and exclusive property of WeRunTheHouse (“WeRunTheHouse Intellectual Property”). You may not copy, publish, change, disseminate, perform, display, or sell any such WeRunTheHouse Intellectual Property. You retain intellectual property rights in and to Member Content created by you, if you have such rights under applicable law. Notwithstanding this, you agree that by submitting your Member Content to any area of the Site, you automatically give (and you allege and guarantee that you have the right to grant) to WeRunTheHouse: a global royalty-free, perpetual, fully paid, irrevocable, nonexclusive right and license to utilize, reproduce, change, disseminate, and publicly display your Member Content within the Site and/or on the Service as permitted by you through your interactions on and through the Site, and to use and reproduce and to authorize others to use and reproduce, your Member Content in any or all media throughout the world for the purpose of transmitting or publicizing the content and or any information or data relating to such and for utilizing any of your Member Content as WeRunTheHouse may deem necessary or desirable for purposes of testing, troubleshooting and/or providing support in connection with the Site; the perpetual and irrevocable right to delete or remove any part or all of your Member Content from WeRunTheHouse servers and from the Site, whether accidentally or on purpose, and for any or no reason, without any liability of any kind to you or any other party; Further, you agree to grant to WeRunTheHouse a sub licensable, global royalty-free, fully paid, perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, right and license to exercise the copyright, publicity, and database rights of your Membership information, including that generated by your Membership activity, in any media, within the terms of our Privacy Policy. You accept that all Member Content, whether public or private, is the responsibility of the person that originated such content. This means that you, and not WeRunTheHouse, are fully responsible for all Member Content that you upload, post, email, or otherwise make available via the Service.


  1. Third-Party Intellectual Property Rights:


You agree and are aware that: you alone are responsible for understanding all copyright, patent, trademark, and other intellectual property and/or other laws that apply to your Member Content; WeRunTheHouse will have no liability relating to, and you are fully responsible for, the legal consequences of any actions or inactions on your part while using the Site, including without limitation any legal consequences relating to your intellectual property rights; and the WeRunTheHouse acknowledgement herein of your intellectual property rights relating to your Member Content is not a legal opinion or legal advice, but is merely an expression of WeRunTheHouse’s intention to observe certain intellectual property rights of the site’s users with respect to Member Content, in accordance with this Agreement. You accept that although you might retain certain copyright or other intellectual property rights in Member Content you have created or uploaded, you do not own the Membership you use to access the Site, or any data that WeRunTheHouse stores on its servers (including without limitation any data representing any or all of your Member Content). Your intellectual property rights do not include any rights of access to the Site or to data stored on WeRunTheHouse’s servers. You agree to hold WeRunTheHouse harmless against all claims, costs and damages of any kind (including reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses) arising from any claim that any Member Content posted or displayed on the Site by you infringes upon the copyright or intellectual property rights of a third party.


Your Use of Member Content:


Member Content created through the Site is provided to you AS IS for your information and personal use only and may not be downloaded, sold, transmitted, copied, disseminated, displayed, licensed, or otherwise exploited or used for any purposes inconsistent with the Site's purpose or these terms unless the prior written consent of WeRunTheHouse has been acquired.


You may view and use Member Content only as outlined within this Agreement.  WeRunTheHouse reserves all rights (with the exception of those explicitly granted) in and to the Member Content. You may access Member Content solely for your information and personal use. You may frame and/or link to a page on the Site for the limited purpose of obtaining votes for issues and candidates or encouraging site registration and participation. Members may also email events they have created on the site to third parties. When you email links to pages of this site, you are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and you are responsible for keeping your email private.


You agree not to incapacitate, bypass, or otherwise meddle with security-features of the WeRunTheHouse Site that limit or disallow copying or the utilization of any Member Content or on the use of the Site. WeRunTheHouse unless otherwise indicated, does not monitor the Member Content posted on the Site and, as such, does not guarantee the precision of such Member Content. You understand that you must understand, weigh-up and shoulder all risks associated with the use of any Member Content including any reliance on the precision and exhaustiveness of such Member Content. You agree that when using the Site, you will be exposed to Member Content from a variety of sources, and that WeRunTheHouse is not responsible for the precision, safety, or intellectual property rights of or relating to such Member Content. You further understand and acknowledge that you may be exposed to Member Content that is imprecise, lewd and/or otherwise objectionable, and WeRunTheHouse will not under any circumstances be liable for any Member Content; for any errors or omissions in that content or for any damage of any kind incurred due to the use of any Member Content posted, sent or otherwise made available via the Site.


Featuring of member content on this site and elsewhere:


WeRunTheHouse has the right, but not obligation, to display selected Member Content “Featured Content” on the home page of the Site or elsewhere. WeRunTheHouse, in its sole discretion, may categorize and display Featured Content on its Site according to WeRunTheHouse’s own selection criteria. Members are not guaranteed to have their Content featured. The featuring of content on this Site and/or elsewhere does not constitute an affiliation with or an endorsement by WeRunTheHouse.


Signatures on petitions and signature management:


Signatures or votes posted on this Site are not guaranteed to be legally valid. Legally valid is intended to mean recognizable and/or acceptable by any government or other organization. WeRunTheHouse may or may not deliver signatures or information on voting results to their intended recipients. District Leaders who represent districts in communications with government officials, or members who have created content are ultimately responsible for ensuring that information on votes or signatures are delivered to the intended recipients. District Leaders and Members must not edit the data in any way that compromises the intent of the members that voted.


More on content:


WeRunTheHouse may, in its sole discretion, remove any Member Content that is inactive or that is similar to other content.


Termination of Membership or Expert or District Leader status:


You may terminate your Membership at any time by going to your settings and clicking on the “delete your membership” button. WeRunTheHouse reserves the right to temporarily halt or permanently end your Membership, or to end this Agreement, and/or deny any and/or all future use of the Site without notifying you and without liability to you, at any time, for any reason or for no reason. WeRunTheHouse grants members Expert or District Leader status at Our own discretion. WeRunTheHouse reserves the right to temporarily halt or permanently end your Expert status or District Leader status without notifying you and without liability to you, at any time, for any reason or for no reason.


Violative Site Use:


As well as other restrictions on your use of the Site mentioned within these Terms, you have a revocable, limited and nonexclusive license to use the WeRunTheHouse Site while you comply with this Agreement. You agree to follow the instructions found in WeRunTheHouse’s guides and any other rules set by WeRunTheHouse that disallow illegal activities and any other practices that WeRunTheHouse believes to be harmful. We reserve the right to take legal action against anyone who we believe, in our sole discretion, has broken any of these terms. You agree that you shall not use the Site in a manner that does not abide by any and all applicable laws and regulations of any country; steal or fabricate the identity of any person or entity including but not limited to a WeRunTheHouse employee, or misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity; harass another User or Member; make unauthorized use of any WeRunTheHouse trademarks or service marks; Introduce viruses, other malware or other software with the intention of stealing or interfering with The Site or its content by creating, uploading, posting or transmitting malignant Member Content; post, upload or transmit any adverts, promotions, junk mail, spam, Ponzi schemes or anything that WeRunTheHouse deems of a similar nature; attempt to gain access to another individual’s account or password on the Site; link users to commercial or personal Web websites and/or pages that We, in Our sole discretion, believe we should remove for any reason or for no reason or include links to any fundraising page for any candidate, cause, committee, person or entity; provide misleading or incorrect information; post links or otherwise give access to: yours or other Member’s passwords; to instructions or notes related to bypassing this Site's security features and/or software; or solicit personal information from individuals under the age of 18. If you fail to adhere to these foregoing terms your Membership may be temporarily of permanently revoked and civil, criminal or injunctive action may be taken. You understand that WeRunTheHouse may take whatever measures necessary to control behavior of any kind on the Site, in its sole discretion, without notifying you. Uses of the Site by Members may be investigated.


Disclaimers, Liability and Damages:


You agree that the WeRunTheHouse associated persons, staff or entities (collectively, the “Releasees”) are not responsible for any Member Content posted on the Site or for the online or offline actions of any user or Member. Releasees are not responsible for: any defect, mistake, interruption, omission, deletion, delay in operation or transmission of Member or user Content or communications; a communications provider or line failure; the deletion or alteration of or the unauthorized access to, User or Member Content or communications. Releasees are not responsible for any technical or other problems relating to: any computer systems, software, servers, equipment or IT service or product providers, computer equipment, or software; any telephone networks or lines; the failure of email on account of traffic congestion or technical issues on the Internet or at the Site; or a combination of any of the foregoing, including damage, loss or injury to Users and/or Members’ or any other person's computer resulting from using the Site and/or services or from downloading materials from the Site. Under no circumstances will WeRunTheHouse or associated persons or entities be responsible for any damages, including but not limited to death or injury, resulting from anyone's use of the Site and/or the Services, any Member Content, or any member or user online or offline interactions. The Site and the Services are presented "AS IS" and (as far as is legally permitted) WeRunTheHouse and associated persons or entities expressly disclaim any guarantee of fitness for any particular purpose or a warranty of noninfringement. WeRunTheHouse and associated persons and Entities cannot provide a warranty that any specific results can be delivered from the use of the Site and/or the Services.


Except where permissible by law, in no event will the Releasees be liable to you or any third person for any incidental, indirect, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages, including lost profits arising from your use of the Site or the Services, or of Our suspension or termination of your Membership. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary within these terms, the Releasees’ liability to you for any cause whatsoever, regardless of the cause or causes of action, will always be limited to the amount paid, if any, by you to WeRunTheHouse for the Services during the term of Membership, where this is allowable by law.


Maintenance and Outages:


WeRunTheHouse may occasionally need to perform maintenance on or make changes to the Site causing the Site to be unavailable at times ("Temporarily Halted Service"). Where possible, we will provide you with advanced notice of planned Temporarily Halted Service, as well as an estimated timeframe, which may be exceeded. Events such as acts of god, power outages or technical issues may cause unscheduled Temporarily Halted Service.


You understand and agree that WeRunTheHouse has the right to disable the Site without giving notice for any reason or for no reason. You agree that WeRunTheHouse will not be liable for any downtime, delays, permanent disabling or malfunctioning of the Site. You further understand that at any time WeRunTheHouse has the right for any reason or for no reason to change and/or remove any features of the Site in its sole discretion.


Inter Member Communication:


WeRunTheHouse does not necessarily monitor your communications with other Members but you understand and agree that WeRunTheHouse may do so if complaints or reports are received by Us notifying Us that you are behaving in a way that violates the terms or spirit of this Agreement.




You hereby agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless WeRunTheHouse and their respective officers, directors, agents, and employees, from all claims and liabilities, including without limitation attorneys' fees and costs, arising from any breach of this Agreement by you, or based on: your use of the Site; any action or inaction by you in connection with Member Content or other information held in connection with your Membership; and your participation or the participation of any entities you control in a political campaign and your infringements of the law in relation to a political campaign, which may or may not have arisen from activities on this site.


Linking to Third-Party Sites:


This Site might give links to third-party websites ("Linked Sites"). WeRunTheHouse is not responsible for the contents of and/or links in and/or changes to a Linked Site, nor is WeRunTheHouse endorsing or implicitly affiliated to the site or its staff. Thus you alone are responsible for understanding and adhering to the terms of any Linked Sites. Any dealings with or participation in events, activities or promotions of other Members or third parties that arise upon using this Site including third party terms, guarantees, representations and/or the delivery and payment of goods and services, are solely between you and the Member or third party and WeRunTheHouse will not be liable for any aspect related to such activities.




If there is any claim, controversy, or dispute at law or equity about this Agreement, the Site and/or the Services ("Claim"), you agree that We will resolve any Claim in accordance with this paragraph. This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of New York as if all agreements entered into are to be performed entirely within New York between New York residents, without regard to conflict of law provisions. You agree that any Claim must be resolved by a court located in New York County, New York. You agree that all claims will be litigated within the jurisdiction of the courts located within New York County, New York.


No Agency:


No partnership, joint venture, employee-employer, or agency relationship is created by this Agreement.




You hereby agree to release the Releasees and their representatives, the directors, agents, and employees of WeRunTheHouse from claims and damages (direct and/or consequential) of every type, known and/or unknown, in connection with your use of the Site.


Digital Millennium Copyright Act:


We comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”).


Copyright-infringing materials found on the Site can be identified and removed via our DMCA compliant process listed below and you accept that you must comply with this process if you are involved in any claim of copyright infringement to which the DMCA applies. Please follow the steps in these DMCA compliance procedures and if necessary request that the infringing material be removed if you believe in good faith that a Member has infringed your copyright(s). However we do not make legal decisions or give legal advice regarding the validity of your claim. When a valid Notice is received in accordance with the guidelines set out herein, we will either take down the purportedly infringing content (“Purportedly Infringing Content”) or block access to it. We may contact the person or entity that submitted the Notice to make additional enquiries.

Under the DMCA, we are required to make reasonable efforts to notify the person or entity that posted the Purportedly Infringing Content (“Purported Infringer”). The Purported Infringer is allowed by law to submit a counter-notice as laid out hereunder (“Counter-Notice”). On receiving a Counter-Notice, we may restore the Purportedly Infringing Content unless we receive notice from the person or entity that submitted the original Notice that court action has been initiated to restrain the Purported Infringer from engaging in the purportedly infringing activity. Notices and Counter-Notices are legal documents that differ from regular Site activities or communications. As such, they are not subject to our Privacy Policy. We may publish or show them to third parties at our discretion, and we may provide them in relation to a legal discovery request. If you make a false or fraudulent Notice or Counter-Notice you may be responsible and/or liable for damages under the DMCA, which may include costs and attorney’s fees. If you are not sure whether material infringes your copyright, seek the advice of an attorney.


Filing a DMCA Notice:


Kindly refrain from abusing this system, but if you honestly believe your work has been infringed, you can file a DMCA notice. To file a DMCA Notice with WeRunTheHouse, kindly send us a hand-signed letter by email to admin (at) werunthehouse.org. We reserve the right to ignore a Notice if it is not in compliance with the DMCA.


Your Notice must:


  • Explicitly identify the copyrighted work(s) you think has/have been infringed and also identify the Content that you claim is infringing on your copyrighted work. You must provide enough information to enable us to locate the item on the Site.


  • Please provide as much detail as you can and give Us clear screenshots of the Purportedly Infringing Materials for identification purposes.


  • Provide the following contact details: your full name, your address, phone number, and email if you have one;


  • If possible, please give us contact details so we may notify the Purported Infringer.


  • Please include the following sentence in your notice: “I honestly believe that the material is being used in a way that is not authorized by the copyright owner, agent, or the law. I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in this notice is truthful and that I am the copyright owner or the owner’s authorized representative of an exclusive right that is purportedly infringed.”


  • Sign the notice.


  • The Notice must be emailed to our DMCA designated agent at: admin (at) werunthehouse.org (in the subject line please write: Attention: DMCA NOTICE.)



Filing a Counter-Notice:


  • If your material has been removed or blocked on the Site as a result of a DMCA Notice, you may send us a Counter-Notice pursuant to Sections 512(g)(2) and (3) of the DMCA asking for the Purportedly Infringing Material to be reinstated. To file a DMCA Counter-Notice with us, you must send us a written letter by regular mail only.


  • When we receive the Counter-Notice, we will send a copy of it to the person or entity that originally requested the removal of the Purportedly Infringing Material and we will reinstate the Purportedly Infringing Material, unless that person or entity initiates a court order for the removal of the Purportedly Infringing Material. We reserve the right to not act on a Counter-Notice that is not in compliance with the DMCA.


Your Counter-Notice must:


  • List and describe all material(s) that were (was) removed by WeRunTheHouse and a link to the location where the material(s) appeared before it/they was/were removed. Please ensure we have reasonably sufficient information to identify the item(s) and add as much detail as you can.


  • Give your name, address, telephone number and email address (if available);


  • State that you consent to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Federal District Court for the judicial district in which your address is located (or Queens County, New York if your address is outside of the United States);


  • Confirm that you will accept service of process from the person or entity (or an agent of that person or entity) that is submitting the DMCA Notice to us.


  • Include the following statement: “I swear under penalty of perjury, that I honestly believe that the material identified above was removed or blocked as a result of a mistake regarding such material.”


  • Sign the Counter-Notice.


  • Please send the Counter-Notice to our DMCA designated agent at: admin (at) werunthehouse.org (in the subject line please write: Attention: DMCA NOTICE.)



The following sections will survive any termination of this Agreement: Sections covering Fees and Licenses; Indemnity; Disclaimer, Damages and Liability; Disputes. If any part of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the part shall be struck and the rest of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect. WeRunTheHouse may assign this agreement and this will be done at WeRunTheHouse’s sole discretion. Section headings do not limit the scope or extent of any section. If WeRunTheHouse does not act with respect to a violation this does not affect Our right to act with respect to subsequent violations. WeRunTheHouse does not warrant that We will move against all violations of this Agreement.


Be Careful:


We advise you to think carefully about the information you post about yourself on Our Site because other Members may choose to share it with other Users and such information could be shared outside of this Site.


Be Cordial:


Please treat other members with respect. We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate content at our own discretion.


Updating This Agreement:


We may change or update this Agreement from time to time, and any such changes or updates shall be effective upon posting on the Site. Your use of Our Site after a change has been posted signifies your agreement to any such changes. It is your duty to review this Agreement from time to time to make sure you are up to date on any changes. This agreement was last modified on June 4, 2019.


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